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Welcome to freddie's proper sweets !!

Here at Freddie’s Proper Sweets we pride ourselves on having one of the largest Pick N Mix selections with over 150 different sweets; increasing day by day. Established in 2006 when 12 year old Dean Brooker started selling sweets and drinks from his rucksack in the school playground. Fast forward to today we have now become a successful sweet brand both through our shops and online. Named after the owners son we are determined to carry on growing for many years to come. Over time we have experimented with the best way to offer confectionery online and at the moment find that offering a large selection of sweets at different weights to be the best. Here at Freddie’s Proper Sweets you can be sure you buying from a trusted sweet supplier with customer satisfaction at the hear of everything we do.

Originally opening our first shop on the famous Gloucester Road in Bristol back in 2017 we then moved to Cornwall in 2018 with our first shop being in St Ives. Today we are currently located in St Ives, Penzance and Newquay.

We add new stock to our website daily and offer all sweets at different weights whether that be small personal bags of sweets or larger weight so you can share them out ... or not...

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